Belt scale dynamic testing center
Automatic sampling site
The office building
Automatic sampling system
Weighing feeder
Weighing coal feeder
Palletizing robot
Analysis of the robot
Spraying robot
Intelligent library system
High-precision belt scale
Robotic sample preparation system
FFSHigh-speed packaging stacking system

2019Years GongBoHui,赛摩三大亮点带你领

9 Month 17 Day,The much-anticipated first 21 The China international industry fair in the national convention center(Shanghai)Grand opening。As a Industrial platform and intelligent manufacturing system solutions...[View the full text]

Saimo Electric Co., Ltd

Saimo Electric Co., Ltd (Stock code300466)Founded in1996Years,Is a industrial Internet platform and intelligent manufacturing system solutions group co., LTD,Main business is industrial Internet platforms、Industrial robots、Smart logistics、Smart factory、Power plant five wisdom......

Intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing is geared to the needs of product whole life cycle,Pan under the condition of the perception of information-based manufacturing,In the modern sensing technology、Network technology、Automation technology、On the basis of the advanced technologies such as anthropomorphic intelligent technology,Through intelligent perception、Human-computer interaction、Technology for decision-making and implementation,To realize intelligent design process......

Belt scaleMain draftsman of national standard,Belt scale sales of the first 15 years in a row,Belt scale is accredited by the ministry of industry and manufacturing single champion product,Focused on floating scale electronic belt scale,Array type high precision electronic belt scale,Three series electronic belt scale,Three bridge material since the calibration of electronic belt scale,Electronic belt scale ingredients/Loading system,Electronic belt scale calibration device of industrial weighing detection, such as research and development and production of sales,Commitment to energy measurement and inspection to provide the best solution,Products are widely used in electric power,Coal,Metallurgy,Building materials,Chemical and other industries.

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